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In this video we learn a little about the beginnings of Congeladora Horticola, and commitment to continuos improvement to reach an excellence quality.



  • Produce quality fruits and vegetables, meet market specifications and with excellent service to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Congeladora Horticola’s Quality Policy


    • Having a system of safety and quality in which your goal is to give our customers products that meet their needs with safety and quality while maintaining continuous improvement, in compliance with the customer himself, regulations and national and international food laws.

    • The plant manager who directs and establishes policy safety and quality, assuming the commitment to support with the necessary resources the budget established for the actions of the control and management of any requeriments necessary for the implementations and maintenance of safety and quality sistems based on the SQF code level 3.

    • Those responsible for safety and quality in the plant are all staff, but falls a commitment to supervise, coordinate and modify verify and validate the chief quality assurance department.

    • Congeladora Horticola’s freezer ensures that the results of the safety and quality objectives set are met and reviewed by a trained, educated and updated on issues related the health, safety and quality and these in turn are verified and validated by trained personnel.

    • Prerequisite programs establishing a plan and food safety and quality is based on the prevention and control of risks and establishment of critical controls points safety and quality, targets have been set safety and food quality, which are reviewed in its evolution and compliance management.

    • We have implemented the SQF level 3 system and continuously improve, of which he is the chief coordinator responsible of quality assurance assigned by the directorate general, the company has established safety and quality programs which agrees with them as guides govering building on national and international regulations such as NOM-251-SSA1-20009, NOM-127-1994, Codex Alimentarius, USDA, FDA.

    • Our quality system and safety SQF level 3 is independently audited by an agency of national and international auditing.